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Galvanized Plastic Coated Electro-Welded Wire Mesh Fence

Metech supplies full system of Electro-Welded Wire Mesh Fence Materials for export. The mesh fence panels are electro welded mesh (galvanized and plastic coated wire mesh). The external mesh fence is mounted with razor wire rolls on the top. With all accessories. Corner posts, tension wire, tie Wire & hog ring wire and other fence fittings. Refer to table below.

Galv. and Coated Fence Materials

Razor Wire for Fencing

Tying of fences

Plastic Coated Fencing Posts



1.       Electro-Welded Wire Mesh
External Fence:
With Roll of Razor Mesh on Top # 3.55mm;
Galvanized Plastic Coated Wire Mesh
(50 x 50mm) OD # 4.75mm & 2.5 Height
2.       Electro-Welded Wire Mesh
Corner Posts For Fence
(114.3mm OD x 6.02mm Wall Thickness x
32 Meter. Long, Galv. + PVC Coated)
With all accessories.
3.       Electro-Welded Wire Mesh
Tension Wire, Tie Wire & Hog Ring Wire
Galv / PVC Coated, With Accessories,
Tension Wire Connection, Clamp Etc.
4.       Electro-Welded Wire Mesh
Tension Wire 2mm Diameter
PVC Bonded Green Mesh (300 Mtr/Roll)
5.       Electro-Welded Wire Mesh Fence:
Tension Wire 3.2mm Diameter
PVC Extruded Green (300 Mtr/Roll)

Typical hole for electro welded wire mesh fence (galvanized wire after welding panels) is 1/2 “ x 1/2” and popular size as follows:

cm 148.7 x cm 148.7 x cm 174.2
cm 166.3 x cm 166.3 x cm 174.2
cm 166.3 x cm 171.3 x cm 185.5
cm 181.1 x cm 185.5 x cm 188.3
cm 188.3 x cm 188.3 x cm 196.9
cm 196.9 x cm 198.1 x cm 198.1
cm 188.3 x cm 188.3 x cm *196.9CM R*

Electro-welded Fence for Iran is supplied in the following specifications:

1). 1.4 MM x 130 cm x 600 m2 , hole size : 8x8 mm
2). 1.4 MM x 107 cm x 250 m2, hole size : 8x8 mm
3). 1.6 MM x 130 cm x 600 m2, hole size : 10x10 mm
4). 1.6 MM x 107 cm x 250 m2, hole size : 10x10 mm

Terms of business:
Quoting on CFR Bandar Abbas prices including our 7 % pct. on payment terms 20 % advance and balance 80 % on B/L copy.
Prices also include SGS inspection charges before loading.

When you order from us, Kindly also provide the following details:

Delivery Time Period requirement
Payment Terms:
Technical Specifications/Data Requirement:
Approximate Weight and Dimension Requirement
Materials packing requirement.

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