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Vinyl Coated Welded Wire Mesh Panels for Plant Supports and Tree Guard Barriers. Wire Materials, Coating Layers and Mesh Sizes.

Vinyl Coated (VC) welded mesh is a square opening galvanized steel welded mesh coated with a thick layer of vinyl powder by a heat process. The protective vinyl covering is tightly bonded to the inner wire which increases durability of the wire. The coating on the welded wire sheet can handle intensive use without stripping or peeling of the covers. Popular vinyl coated mesh colors are black and green. The opening can be either square or rectangular.

The Vinyl Coated Welded Wire Mesh Panels or Rolls can be used many years longer than the uncoated wire mesh products. The vinyl or PVC coating is flexible and will not crack when the wire is bent. It is stable over a wide temperature range, maintaining its qualities in extremes of both hot and cold temperatures. UV inhibitors are in the vinyl to retard degradation from sunlight. The coating is also very resistant to scraping and abrasion. Vinyl coated welded wire mesh and fence, sometimes referred to as plastic coated wire products, are very strong and durable. They are long lasting and rust resistant. They have double protection. Not only does the vinyl coating seal the wire from water and other corrosive elements, but the underlying mesh is also protected by a zinc coating.

It is popularly used in fencing gardens, parks, building, plants and trees, machine guards,in various industries, agriculture, mine developing, sports field, breeding and transport, plant supports wire or fabricatedas tomato cages.

The inner wireof Vinyl or PVC coated welded wire mesh has steel wire, hot dipped galvanized wire, electro galvanized wire and low carbon steel wire. The finished vinyl coated welded wire mesh can have high corrosion resistance.

VC and PVC coated welded wire mesh specificationlist with inner wire and coated wire:


Wire Dia before & after Vinyl coating, without or with the coating layer:


In Inch

Before Coat

After Coat



0.56- 0.71

0.90- 1.05



0.64 - 1.07

1.00 - 1.52



0.71 - 1.65

1.10 - 2.20



0.81 - 1.65

1.22 - 2.30



0.81 - 1.65

1.24 - 2.40

25.4x 12.7

1 x 1/2Inch

0.81 - 1.65

1.24 - 2.42



0.81 - 2.11

1.28 - 2.90


1 1/2Inch

1.07 - 2.11

1.57 - 2.92

25.4 x 50.8

1 x 2Inch

1.47 - 2.11

2.00 - 2.95



1.65 - 2.77

2.20 - 3.61



1.90 - 3.50

2.50 - 4.36



2.20 - 4.00

2.85 - 4.88


Black Vinyl Coated Wire Mesh, Popular Color

Green VC Welded Wires, Standard Square Opening

Black Vinyl Coated Wire Mesh, Popular Color

Green VC Welded Wires, Standard Square Opening

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