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Welded Wire Mesh Machine

Metech as experienced welded wire mesh expert, is more than a manufacturer of welded mesh, but also welded wire mesh machine. We know how to make the machine adapted to production of wire mesh products. Mainly, we offer machine for production of welded wire mesh, welded mesh panels, bar gratings and fence panels.

Metech4T Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh Machine:

Features: Shuttle sending weft wire. Wire sending quicker, lower noise, more stable and saving of electricity.
Application: For making of welded wire mesh with wire diameter ranging from 0.45mm to 1.07mm, mesh 1/4" to 1/2".


Metech6T Welded Wire Mesh Machine

Features: Shuttle sending weft wire type welders. Sending quicker, lower noise, more stable, save electricity.
Application: Mainly used for production of welded wire mesh with big width. Wire diameter ranges from 0.7mm to 1.07mm; mesh 1/4" to 1/2".


MetechK4 Type Electro Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh Machine

Features: Box-style support, high stability, lower noise, E-machine in one, straighten and send wire automatically, used for welded wire mesh 1/2" to 4".


MetechK6T Welded Wire Mesh Machine

Features: Box-style support, high stability, lower noise, E-machine in one, straighten and send wire automatically.
Application: This type of machine is used for welded wire mesh of big width and wire diameter.


Welded Wire Fabrics
Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh
Hot Dipped Galv. Welded Mesh
Steel Rebars Welded Mesh Non Galvanized
Electro Welded Wire Mesh Fence
Vinyl Coated( VC) Welded Mesh
PVC Coated Welded Mesh
Stainless Steel Welded Mesh
Galvanized Hardware Cloth
Welded Mesh Panels
Temporary Fence
Preformed Welded Wire Galvanized Architectural Panels
GAW and GBW Welded Wire Panels
Galvanized After Weld(GAW) Wire Mesh
Welded Wire Fencing Panels
Welded Steel Gratings
Welded Mesh Panels
Steel Bar Welded Wire Mesh
Welded Razor Wire Mesh Panel
358 Welded Mesh High Security Fence
Rectangular Steel Reinforcing Mesh
Construction Mesh
Truss Type Welded Wire Units
Welded Reinforcement Mesh for Concrete
Slab Reinforcement Mesh
Reinforcing Mesh for Floor Slab Heating System
Brickwork Reinforcement Mesh
High Ribbed Formwork Lath
Rib Lath
Expanded Metal Lath
Angle Bead
Welded Wire Products
Welded Gabions
Galvanized Iron Wire
Stainless Steel Wire
Wire Mesh Partitions
Welded Wire Fences
Welded Bird Cages
Welded Dog Cage
Live Animal Trap
Wire Mesh Shelves
Wire Mesh Cable Tray
Wire Decking
Wire Mesh Trolleys
Wire Containers
Welded Ripple Mesh Fence
Woven Metal Meshes
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Expanded Metal Mesh
Perforated Metal
Hexagonal Wire Netting
Galvanized Mesh
PVC Coated Wire Mesh
Crimped Wire Mesh
Woven Wire Mesh
Welded Wire Mesh Machine
Mesh Panel Auto Welding Machine
Steel Bar Auto Welding Machine
Manual Spot Welding Machine
DN Series Spot Welding Machine
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